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  • May come in different color other than GREEN, please call or email if you want a specific color.

  • We typically carry, Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue

  • 2 x 6 FOAM non printed Egg Cartons holds 12 Eggs, will hold Small to Extra Large eggs
  • These cartons are an exceptional deal to get your product where it is going with minimum breakage to your eggs.
  • Your best value for your money.  Cushions the egg so there is less breakage. Great for reusing the carton, easy to wash out. 
  • Custom printing may be available on truckload sales of these products, please call for details.
  • foam cartons are great if you are in humid areas protects against paper sticking to the eggs. 

Please call 1-877-454-3447 for large order discounts.

Orders of 10,000 egg cartons  or more can be printed with your name on the cartons. Call for details.

Foam egg cartons are great if you live in areas that are hot and humid. They tend to protect the egg from humidity and breaking. We offer large breaks in prices for large quantities. Please call or email for more information.

We sell trailer loads and containers of foam egg cartons all over the country and the world. For whole sale pricing please call or email.



 for way to recycle foam egg cartons please click  www.foamfacts.com