• Thank you so much for your great services and fast shipping, you really helped out when I needed it. Marry SLong Beach, CA


  • I have searched for days online looking for a supplier for egg cartons for my chickens and this is the by far the best site, I have found. Thanks again Tom G. Middletown, NJ


  • The customer service I experienced was amazing. Thank you so much for taking your time with me. I bought my grandson egg cartons for Christmas to use when his chickens lay eggs. He said it was one of the best gifts he got. Cara G. Brooklyn, NY


  • Goodness Gracious Meredith, I may be just a little crazy re. all things chickens but ... these cartons are just absolutely fantastic !!!! Almost a case of industrial/ agricultural art. For some reason, I had expected the "open" cartons to be somewhat less sturdy but these are indestructible - great quality and the printing is just perfect. And they open and close very securely. You may know that we had been stamping - labeling cartons by hand for the past three years ... You saved us from getting a serious carpal tunnel !!! It will probably take us a couple years or so to burn through the 20k cartons but we'll make sure to re-order and please stay in business for us !!! Thanks so much again, you guys are awesome. Soren Singel Biocento Ecofarm Yakima, WA 98908


  • Received my egg cartons! YEAH!!! I don't know how large of a business this is, but....I told the lady who took my order I was going to be confident God would take care of me and get the order to us before church on Wed night. She laughed and said she wanted to know if he took care of us. YEAH!!!!! Thanks for helping to get shortly after I placed it. Christina S Pearl, MS