16 Chukkar Partridge Egg Trays

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There has always been a demand for Chukkar Partridge egg trays, as the eggs are bigger than quail and smaller than pheasant eggs. Our No. CHUK-80-ST Chukkar plastic egg tray is very similar in design to our No. PET-46 and No.Q-95 trays. The No. CHUK-80-ST holds 80 eggs and will fit Chukkar Partridge, Hungarian Partridge and Cotournix Quail. It is designed to double stack, therefore, you can, if you wish.


  • double the normal capacity in the incubator.
  • No. CHUK-80-ST New 80-egg Chukkar Partridge tray stacking model with post.
  • Packed 16 to a carton.
  • Shipping Wt. 13 lbs.