30 Dozen Plastic Egg Case Basket

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The EGG-30 Egg case in use with 12 No. STK-30 ,30-Egg Plastic Trays; total of 360 eggs. It can also be used with our No.WAS-30, our No. XTL-30A, both 30-egg size trays, and our No. TEG-20 20-egg turkey or duck trays. When used with the 20-egg trays,


  • it will hold 240 eggs. Ideal for eggs in 1 dozen cartons as well as egg trays.
  • DIMENSIONS: 26.4 X 14.2 X 15.4 inches or 64 x 36 x39 cms.Approximate Shipping Wt. 7 lbs
  • Each. Nestable for easy shipping or storage. No EGG-30 30-Dozen Egg Case,
  • Packed as needed. quantity 1