CubiScan 100

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The CubiScan 100 facilitates storage location planning, order picking, re-pack, shipment planning, and freight manifesting activities, and is capable of gathering dimensions and weight on products as small as 0.5 inches and as large as 24 by 24 inches on length and width, and 36 inches on height. With a mobility pack, (which includes a battery and charger) the 100 becomes a completely portable workstation, allowing it to go to the freight rather than bringing freight to it. The CubiScan 100 is a legal-for-trade certified device that allows shippers and carriers to manifest freight based on volume and weight, always applying the correct and optimal shipping charges. All CubiScan-collected data is stored in a user-friendly, Windows-based software package called QbitWin, and is easily transferred to a warehouse management system or computerized host.


  • CubiScan 100
  • Captures dimensions and
  • weights from .5 to 24IN L x .5 to 24IN W x .5 to 36IN H,
  • Capacity 100LB