Fast Fill Game Bird Coop

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The COOP-7 is equipped with a “fast fill”, push-in end door that automatically falls in place after the bird is inserted inside the coop. This coop is also outfitted with a quick release door (as is the Coop 8 and 10) on the opposite end that provides easy releasing of your fowl.

 This coop has the exact dimensions as the COOP-10 but has the addition of the “fast fill”, automatic, swinging door. This unit truly combines the best of all coop technology. Please note that the automatic swinging door closes after the fowl has been inserted inside the coop providing escape free utilization.


  • The COOP-7 has the exact dimensions as the COOP 10 and 14 allowing them to be completely stackable with one another. 
  •  Dimensions: 38” L x 23” W x 10 ½” H or 97 x 58 x 27 centimeters.