EggCartonsOnline Beginnings

Posted by Meredith Pruzan on

How it all began...

It all started in Brooklyn, New York with my grandfather selling egg cartons. My father took it to a new level by bringing the business to the world wide web. He gave backyard farmers the opportunity to buy egg cartons on a small scale for their small business. He was the first website out there with the idea of selling egg carton in small quantities.

After college I decided to join in on the family business. I moved to Florida and packed boxes for him in a hot warehouse; I started from the bottom. After years of hard work he encouraged me to start my own business. In 2005, eggcartonsonline was established. I started small, packing boxes in my garage. With each day my company started to grow. It became my passion. I would go to sleep at night and dream of egg cartons.

My customers…

Over the years I have spoken to some amazing people. From our amazing veterans that served our country to 12 year olds starting their own egg business. My customers have become my friends. I was taught to treat every order as an equal order. Someone who orders $20.00 of egg cartons. gets the same treatment as someone who orders $4000 worth of egg cartons. I am grateful for each and every order and it shows through our customer service.


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