The person behind the store

Posted by Meredith Pruzan on

People often wonder who that person answering the phone "" is? Especially in a day and age where you often do not just drive to you nearest supply store and pick up what you need. The internet and amazon take away from getting to know your local family owned business owner on a personal level. Well I want you to know me. You are trusting me with helping you supply inventory for your business and to me that is personal. My name is Meredith. I am a business owner, I am wife, I am a mother and I love life....

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EggCartonsOnline Beginnings

Posted by Arthur Bierer on

How it all began... It all started in Brooklyn, New York with my grandfather selling egg cartons. My father took it to a new level by bringing the business to the world wide web. He gave backyard farmers the opportunity to buy egg cartons on a small scale for their small business. He was the first website out there with the idea of selling egg carton in small quantities. After college I decided to join in on the family business. I moved to Florida and packed boxes for him in a hot warehouse; I started from the bottom. After years...

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