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Oversized Capacity Sanitizing Egg Tray

Oversized Capacity Sanitizing Egg Tray

This new tray is designed to handle extra large eggs of the shape and size designed for the Diamond Egg Grader. Also the cavity for the egg is larger, the overall outside dimensions are no bigger than that of the standard egg tray so that they can still fit in cardboard egg cases or plastic egg cases such as our No.EGG-30. This new tray has the same opening as our very popular No.WAS-30 egg tray and in larger quantities is available in special colors. No.OS-30 OVERSIZED CAPACITY EGG TRAY for extra large eggs made especially to work with Diamond Egg Graders as well as other popular models. Packed 50. Shipping Wt. 21 lbs. or on pallets, depending on quantity.



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